Monday, August 13, 2012

Closing: Come Follow My NEW Blog

It's that time, folks. I've consolidated both of my web sites, Hannah's PinKeep and Autumn Comforts, and given them a new name. I hope you'll all visit my NEW blog at and Follow me there.

And, my new web site is located at I'm still getting products listed but am listing some daily... and there are over 100 different listings already, with much more to come!

Farm Country Comforts offers/will offer my handcrafted quilts, rag quilts, and quilted goods; dolls, prairie bonnets, ornies, tucks, etc., crocheted and hooked rugs; primitive candles, scented wax melts, candle holders and electric melters; fabrics, patterns, and needlework supplies; organic garden seeds, and other gardening and homesteading supplies, gifts, and decor.

So please, if you have enjoyed following this blog for Hannah's PinKeep, I hope you'll make the change with me and visit my new blog. I'll be posting site and product updates, as well as informational articles on gardening and more, recipes, reviews, and the occasional giveaway. Hope to see you at Farm Country Comforts! :-)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Half Off Clearance!

Only a few minutes to spare this morning, but I wanted to post a quick update. All remaining stock at Hannah's is now 50% off and must go! The only exception is my own few patterns I have available; everything else has been reduced to half, which in some cases is better than wholesale. So stop by and do some shopping for great deals before it's all gone!

In other news, a hacker has seen fit to use my primary email address--my other (long-time) domain name, Autumn Comforts--to spoof as the "sent from" email address for thousands and thousands (maybe millions?) of spam and malware emails being sent out to people all over the world. I know this because ever since July 4th, I've been receiving (around 6,000 per day!) returned, undeliverable emails of this nature; emails I did NOT send, but that appear to have been sent by me. I've shed my tears and expressed my anger over this issue, and finally decided to call the defeat. I'll be setting up a NEW site, which will eventually replace both my existing sites. Need to run right now and get ready for a dental appointment, but I'll post more on this when I can. Don't forget to visit Hannah's and do some shopping! have a great day. Jodi

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Long Awaited Updates & Sad News

First, I apologize for the long delay in posting. Our 2012 has been an odd one, to say the least. Seems that when it rains, it pours. While I've never considered myself to be superstitious, this year has led me to wonder. We began the year with my fall down the stairs, tearing ligaments across my left foot and ankle, and breaking my left fibula. I needed not only 4 months worth of splints, casts, no weight-bearing, ad nauseam, but also 2 surgeries to repair all the damage I'd done.

While dealing with the broken leg, I developed a lovely case of shingles... on my face, of course. It took 4 full months to get completely over it. Meanwhile, because of both the leg and the shingles, I had to forgo my usual medication treatments (weekly injections and an infusion every 6 weeks) for my psoriatic arthritis (similar to rheumatoid, only also with psoriasis rashes; yes, I like to do things up right!). The meds had to be postponed so that my normally suppressed immune system could heal my leg and fight the shingles. This left me with considerable pain, as my psoriatic arthritis was not being controlled at all during that time. And even now, after being back on my meds for several weeks, it's going to take time for them to build up in my system again, enough to keep the pain and swelling under decent control.

Our sister-in-law Diane recently took terribly ill with interstitial lung disease. A couple of weeks after she was admitted to the hospital, my hubby's brother and their adult daughters had to make the decision to let Diane go. She was removed from the respirator and passed away a few hours later. Diane and I went to high school together. I had known Diane for 36 years.

And most recently, my computer died. I went completely without one for about a week before we were able to put together just enough money to pick me up a cheap laptop, which is what I'm using now; quite a bit longer (actually, we're still working on it) to get all my programs and files transferred, re-registered, etc. I have to admit, though, I think I like the laptop better anyway; at least now I don't have to climb the stairs in our house nearly as often... which is good; I don't really care to fall down them ever again, thank you.

It's actually been an odd few years, really. Like most folks, the recession has certainly taken its toll. My hubby was on reduced hours for 2 full years (just finally got back to full time about a year ago now, and we're still trying to catch up again), and my parents, both of our sons, both my brothers, and so many of our friends have been struggling to keep the bills paid and food on the table as well.

I've been trying to keep Hannah's PinKeep afloat for nearly 2 years. Unfortunately, it just hasn't provided quite enough to make it worthwhile. I wish things were different. I suppose the economy is much to blame. I know things are getting better for most; but it seems to be taking such a long time.

At any rate, sometimes, you have to reflect on how things are going and make the tough decisions. Hannah's PinKeep is in the process of closing. I will probably continue to use the name for my own patterns, but I'm currently closing out all of the patterns by other designers, plus all the fabrics and other supplies I have in stock. While some items still need to be inventoried and final quantities listed (at which time, they will be discounted in price as well), I've currently reduced all cotton fabrics, utility fabrics, patterns by other designers, cross-stitch linens, needlework tools, notions, Gentle Art flosses, and Valdani 3-ply flosses by 20% to 25% off. Everything else should be inventoried and reduced within a few more days.

All sale prices are good only on the final quantity in stock, and things are selling out really quickly (I have a very busy weekend laid out for me already!), so shop early before the items you would like are already gone. All sales will be final. Believe me, it's breaking my heart, but it's time to let it go and move on.

THANK YOU to you all for your patronage and support!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another "Find A New Hobby" Sale: Punch Needle

This weekend's sale has begun! Our latest "Find A New Hobby" Sale features punch needle. Save 25% now through Sunday on our Cameo Ultra-Punch adjustable punch needle sets, Morgan No-Slip hoops, weaver's cloth, all Valdani 3-strand flosses, and all punch needle patterns. This is a fun, easy form of needlework, and at 25% off, this is a great opportunity to give it a try (or just stock up on all the patterns & supplies you already love to use)! :-) Go shop at Hannah's PinKeep

I had my final surgery on my leg on Tuesday, and it went great. At the moment, I'm even sporting a shoe instead of the walking boot! It will be awhile yet before the leg is back to normal, but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. Good thing... I have plenty of sewing, gardening, etc. to keep me good and busy these days! :-)

Finally, a quick update on our sister-in-law. My husband's brother's wife is in critical condition with interstitial lung disease. This came on somewhat suddenly less than 2 weeks ago, and at this point, Diane is being kept heavily sedated and hooked up to a respirator. She is unable to breathe on her own, and doctors are currently giving her a 50% chance of surviving. They started a new drug a few days ago that they hoped would relax her body more and allow her to better absorb the oxygen into her lung cells, and it seems to be helping so far. But within a few more days, they may need to make the decision with regard to either continuing treatment or letting her go. Your prayers and best wishes will be greatly appreciated. Her name is Diane, and her family includes husband Ric (my BIL), 2 daughters named Amy and Katie, and a beautiful baby granddaughter named Abbie. Thank you all so much, and blessings and best wishes to you and yours always!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

SALE on Penny Rug Patterns & Supplies!

Our latest Find A New Hobby weekend sale started a little early, so hop on over and check it out! If you have ever wanted to try your hand at an adorable penny rug candle mat, we have all of our Penny Lane patterns, all WoolFelt, DMC flosses, needles, and needlework scissors currently marked down by 25% off! Our "Find A New Hobby" weekend sales are a great opportunity to save on supplies for trying something you've always wanted to try... or just stocking up on the supplies you love to use already! :-)

A 25% savings on WoolFelt, DMC flosses, even needles and scissors -- AND those absolutely adorable Penny Lane patterns -- what a GREAT deal! :-)

Shop the Sale at Hannah's PinKeep! :-) Hurry, sale ends Sunday evening!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

This Weekend's Sale Has Begun: Theme is Cross-Stitch!

This weekend's sale started a little early: This "Find A New Hobby" Sale focuses on cross-stitch, and we have marked down ALL of our cross-stitch patterns, linen, flosses... even our needles, needlework scissors, Morgan no-slip hoops, and mother-of-pearl floss rings 25% OFF! This is a perfect opportunity to give cross-stitch a try, or just stock up on supplies if you're already a happy stitcher!

We have some beautiful primitive-style patterns by Stacy Nash Primitives, Pineberry Lane, and more, plus some absolutely gorgeous linen in various thread counts. Also flosses by The Gentle Art, Valdani, and DMC. And don't forget to check out our beautiful variety of black-matte needlework scissors. We even have a few of the coveted Morgan no-slip hoops available, along with some gorgeous mother-of-pearl floss rings... and, we marked down all our chenille and tapestry needles as well. These items have ALL be reduced by 25% for this weekend's Find A New Hobby Sales Event, but supplies are limited, so get your order in as soon as you can! :-)

Happy Stitching,

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Last Chance to Enter!

If you would like to win one of 4 shopping sprees for patterns, fabrics, & needlework supplies, better hop on over to Hannah's PinKeep and get your entries submitted! The Egg Hunt Sweepstakes ends tomorrow (Friday, April 6th) at 2pm Pacific time. Two ways to enter: Find the hidden egg graphic and click it for instructions on submitting your daily entry via email (just two chances left to enter this way!), and your purchases also provide you with entries (one entry for every $10 spent, up to 11 extra entries!). Good luck! :-)

I'm thinking that I might just start holding some sales, maybe every weekend. Perhaps a "Find a New Hobby" theme, wherein all the supplies for a particular type of needlework would be on sale through the weekend. Yep, I think that's a fine idea, don't you? :-) Let's start this weekend. Post a comment to submit your ideas as to what you would like to try in terms of a new sewing/needlework hobby. Or maybe just post your favorite; either way, I'd love to know what YOU would like to see discounted during our first FANH Sale, so let me know! :-)

Happy Crafting,

Friday, March 30, 2012

April Fool's Weekend SALE!

No Foolin'! :-) All wool, WoolFelt, muslin, Osnaburg, monk's cloth, weaver's cloth, and rug canvas is on sale 15% off, now through Sunday, April 1st at 9pm Pacific time. Better hurry! :-) Hannah's PinKeep

I can hardly believe it's nearly the first of April, and I'm so excited that it's almost here! Within a couple more weeks, I'll be out of the walking boot, they'll remove the two screws holding the long bones in my leg together, and I'll be able to start using just an ankle brace and getting around better again (for those of you who have ever considered trying to ski down your stairs on one stocking foot and breaking your leg, I don't recommend it!). AND, best of all, gardening season is almost here! I have my seeds all ready to go, and I can't wait to get out there, sun on my back, the smell of spring humus in the air, and get to planting again. I find gardening even more therapeutic than sewing. I confess, my name is Jodi and I am a gardening addict!

As for today, it's pouring rain, and the wind the past couple of days has taken a toll (our street sign even blew down yesterday! Guess the City folks will be out today to fix it). But it's a great weekend for staying indoors and doing some online shopping, so go check out the sale and do some shopping at 15% off before the sale ends Sunday evening! Enjoy! :-)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ready to Win a Shopping Spree?

Don't forget, the 2012 Easter Egg Hunt Giveaway starts tomorrow (Tuesday) morning! A total of $200 worth of Hannah's PinKeep voucher codes will be given away in a random drawing from all entries received.

Hannah's carries fabrics, patterns, and needlework supplies that are primarily primitive, country, and colonial styles and colors. We have what you need for making quilts, dolls, penny rugs, cross-stitch/stitchery samplers, ornies, tucks, hooked rugs, punch needle projects, and more, so be sure to enter to win in our first annual Easter Egg Hunt! Additional entries are available via purchase. Details/Official Rules for this Sweepstakes are located here. Have fun, and good luck! :-)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

$200 Giveaway! :-)

Okay, so remember that promise I made? That once I had over 1,000 products available at Hannah's PinKeep, I'd hold a giveaway? Here it is:

Hannah's PinKeep's First Annual Easter Egg Hunt Sweepstakes
$200 worth of shopping-spree prizes will be awarded!

Begins Tuesday, March 20th at 9:00 a.m. Visit Hannah's PinKeep now for details. :-)


Friday, March 16, 2012

Things are Looking Up!

Saw my orthopedist day before yesterday; I'm out of that cast and into a walking boot now, and I couldn't be happier! We're going to try getting me up the stairs this weekend. This would be a major accomplishment; both because I'm still pretty paranoid about the stairs after that fall... but mostly because I'd be able to get back to work again! Picking and packing all my orders myself, and working on some cleaning and organizing (which I was in the midst of doing when I fell down those stairs 7 weeks ago), and even sewing, pouring candles, and general crafty stuff again! :-)

I do have some pretty impressive surgical scars on both sides of the leg, and it was pretty ugly when the cast was first removed. I've been cleaning up and babying the skin, though, and they are indeed starting to look like a leg and foot again. That's always nice. And those scars? Hey, I'll wear them with pride. We all have our battle wounds in life, whether they are visible or not.

Shouldn't be any further delays on shipping orders now, other than the occasional need to order items that may be out of stock (which I do try to stay on top of, but sometimes a few orders will come in for the same item within an hour or two of one another). And, we're getting nearer to spring, my garden seeds arrived the other day... and our eldest son and his girlfriend will be on spring vacation from college soon and will probably come to visit us again. So life is very, very good. :-) Think we're all on the mend, so to speak, and hopefully we'll have smooth sailing for awhile, at least.

I've also continued to add new items to Hannah's, so you might like to pay a visit if you haven't done so recently. At least, I hope you will!

Happy spring, everyone! :-)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Still open! :-)

...and ready to process your orders! Yep, I broke my leg; but it's only slowing us down a little bit; not shutting us down completely! :-) So if you're looking for patterns, fabrics, and needlework supplies in primitive styles and colors, I hope you'll stop by Hannah's PinKeep and take a look at all we have to offer. We have a nice variety of fabrics (homespuns, prints, solids, muslin, osnaburg, weaver's cloth, silk matka, wool, woolfelt, evenweave linen, & more!); patterns from a couple dozen different amazingly talented designers; flosses from DMC, The Gentle Art, and Valdani, with more coming soon from Weeks Dye Works; plus needlework tools, notions, and more: All in primitive, country, and colonial styles. See you there! :-)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Accidents Happen!

And my latest was on Jan. 26th; that's the day I fell down the stairs in our house and broke my leg! :-( Specifically, I broke my left fibula (the smaller of the two long bones in the lower leg) and tore ligaments all across my foot and ankle. Not exactly something I was wanting to have happen!

I had surgery on Thursday, Feb. 2nd. They repaired the torn ligaments, and they re-aligned the broken bone and attached a metal plate to it with several screws (the plate and screws will now be a permanent part of my anatomy -- yay, I get to set off metal detectors!! LOL), and they put two additional screws into the joint to temporarily hold everything in the ankle nice and still until it could all heal. Because of those two screws, even though the break has been repaired, I can't bear any weight on the left foot for the time being. I'm in a splint for now, and I go in this-coming Friday, 2/17 to have my sutures removed (I'm going to have some pretty nice scars on both sides of my leg/ankle!). Then they'll put me in a regular cast for at least 4 more weeks. At that time, they'll remove the cast and I'll have another procedure to remove the two screws from the joint. After that, I can use a walking boot and start on the road to rehabilitation.

What all this means for my business, unfortunately, is that there may be delays in processing orders. Hannah's is currently housed in the upstairs bedrooms in our house, and I'm not exactly climbing stairs right now. :-( Fortunately, my husband and friends have been amazing, and they are helping to pick and pack orders when they can. But as my hubby isn't very keen on measuring and cutting fabrics for me, for the time being, there may be some delays (figure a week, give or take) in our sending out orders for the cut-to-order fabrics. This includes all cotton fabrics, wool, WoolFelt, silk matka, muslins, and weaver's cloth. The cross-stitch linen pieces are pre-cut, so they won't be subject to the delays. So far, you have all been wonderful about this little snafu, and I appreciate it so, so much!

Orders for the cut-to-order fabrics can still be processed; I just need to wait for hubby or one of my friends to be available to get the fabric from upstairs and bring it down to me; then I'm able to lay it out on the dining room table and do the cutting with scissors. But I'm at the mercy of having someone come 'round who doesn't mind doing so for me (and again; not hubby's thing! LOL). As for patterns, flosses, notions... even the pre-cut linen pieces; those hubby doesn't mind picking for me, so we can get them packed up and shipped within just a couple of days of receiving those orders, for the most part.

I'm doing fairly well at this point; very rarely need the pain pills anymore. Now, I'm sure that possibly after the sutures (I think I have staples in there) come out, and definitely again after my next surgery to remove the screws from the joint, I'll need another couple of days to recuperate and won't be working much at first. I'm extremely hopeful that I'll be finished with the worst of this and into the walking boot (and able to get upstairs and work again!!!) by mid- to late-March.

Thank you again for your patronage, support, and patience! :-)


Monday, January 23, 2012

Quick Update About Wool Fabrics

We're now offering our 100% woolens in various cut options, including 1/4 yard, fat 1/4, 1/2 yard, and yardage! You can visit HERE to view the nice selection we have. Enjoy! :-)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snowy Day Updates

Seems we're finally getting some winter here in central Oregon! Of course, our winters can be pretty rough, but we also seem to get a lot of waxing and waning of winter weather here every year. The little "mini springs" are always nice, but they tend to bring out the impatience in me for "real" spring (which never comes to us here until about early to mid May), and planting and tending my vegetable garden (I'm a first-class addict when it comes to growing edibles!).

At any rate, my trip out to a doctor's appointment and to run errands yesterday proved to be interesting, as I wore a fairly light sweatshirt and brought only a cardigan sweater with me... and baby, it was c-c-c-c-ooooooold outside! Today, however, I'm home, watching winter out my window and catching up on work. Somehow my morning coffee tastes even better when the snow is falling just outside my window....

I'm working now on listing all of those cotton fabrics I've had sitting around awhile (you'll be amazed at how much I have!). The reds (and purples and oranges) are all listed as far as prints go, and I'm making good progress going through the yellows (to include creams, beiges, mustards, golds, and browns). Once I finish listing all the prints for which I have yardage available, I'll get to work on the solids and the homespuns. Oh yes, Virginia, there are a LOT more than what I've had listed thus far!

Thursday is going to be fun as well! That's when my latest shipment from Moda is due to arrive, and it will be chalk-full of new quilt patterns! I picked out some really, really great ones... you'll see! Anyone who loves primitive quilts even half as much as I will be quite impressed and pleased! There are even a couple of designs in there for bags (totes, purses, that sort of bag) that I thought were really cute and that fit my favorite styles quite well.

That will wrap up today's notes, but I'll pop in and update a bit more often. So many great new things are coming to Hannah's! I'm really excited about all the neat ideas I have on my mental to-do list, and all the fun new projects I'm hoping to stock supplies for very soon.

May your day be filled with warmth ... and a good, hot cup of coffee! ;-)

Thursday, January 12, 2012


DO YOU make country, primitive, and/or colonial/old-time style sewn/stitched items and sell them online? Dolls, quilts, ornies, samplers, penny rugs, stitchery, etc? Yes? Then why haven't you applied to join Hannah's Friends yet to get your discounts?! :-)

Hannah's Friends

See you there! :-)