Friday, March 16, 2012

Things are Looking Up!

Saw my orthopedist day before yesterday; I'm out of that cast and into a walking boot now, and I couldn't be happier! We're going to try getting me up the stairs this weekend. This would be a major accomplishment; both because I'm still pretty paranoid about the stairs after that fall... but mostly because I'd be able to get back to work again! Picking and packing all my orders myself, and working on some cleaning and organizing (which I was in the midst of doing when I fell down those stairs 7 weeks ago), and even sewing, pouring candles, and general crafty stuff again! :-)

I do have some pretty impressive surgical scars on both sides of the leg, and it was pretty ugly when the cast was first removed. I've been cleaning up and babying the skin, though, and they are indeed starting to look like a leg and foot again. That's always nice. And those scars? Hey, I'll wear them with pride. We all have our battle wounds in life, whether they are visible or not.

Shouldn't be any further delays on shipping orders now, other than the occasional need to order items that may be out of stock (which I do try to stay on top of, but sometimes a few orders will come in for the same item within an hour or two of one another). And, we're getting nearer to spring, my garden seeds arrived the other day... and our eldest son and his girlfriend will be on spring vacation from college soon and will probably come to visit us again. So life is very, very good. :-) Think we're all on the mend, so to speak, and hopefully we'll have smooth sailing for awhile, at least.

I've also continued to add new items to Hannah's, so you might like to pay a visit if you haven't done so recently. At least, I hope you will!

Happy spring, everyone! :-)


  1. I'm so happy to hear you are doing better. I will be paying a visit to your store very soon.

  2. I'm glad your leg is healing nicely! What a time you've had of it! It will feel good to get back to normal, I'll bet! Hope you have smooth sailing, indeed!