Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another "Find A New Hobby" Sale: Punch Needle

This weekend's sale has begun! Our latest "Find A New Hobby" Sale features punch needle. Save 25% now through Sunday on our Cameo Ultra-Punch adjustable punch needle sets, Morgan No-Slip hoops, weaver's cloth, all Valdani 3-strand flosses, and all punch needle patterns. This is a fun, easy form of needlework, and at 25% off, this is a great opportunity to give it a try (or just stock up on all the patterns & supplies you already love to use)! :-) Go shop at Hannah's PinKeep

I had my final surgery on my leg on Tuesday, and it went great. At the moment, I'm even sporting a shoe instead of the walking boot! It will be awhile yet before the leg is back to normal, but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. Good thing... I have plenty of sewing, gardening, etc. to keep me good and busy these days! :-)

Finally, a quick update on our sister-in-law. My husband's brother's wife is in critical condition with interstitial lung disease. This came on somewhat suddenly less than 2 weeks ago, and at this point, Diane is being kept heavily sedated and hooked up to a respirator. She is unable to breathe on her own, and doctors are currently giving her a 50% chance of surviving. They started a new drug a few days ago that they hoped would relax her body more and allow her to better absorb the oxygen into her lung cells, and it seems to be helping so far. But within a few more days, they may need to make the decision with regard to either continuing treatment or letting her go. Your prayers and best wishes will be greatly appreciated. Her name is Diane, and her family includes husband Ric (my BIL), 2 daughters named Amy and Katie, and a beautiful baby granddaughter named Abbie. Thank you all so much, and blessings and best wishes to you and yours always!



  1. The best possible outcome for Diane.

  2. Prayers for Diane and family!! Good to hear about your leg. Hopefully I get over to the website and get an order in before the sale is over!!

  3. hi jodi, thanx so much for stopping by my blog! i will grab some tea later tonight or coffee in the am and get to know you! sending thoughts and prayers!

  4. Hi Jodi...
    I just came across your blog through another. I love your style!

    It is so sad about Diane. How are things now?

    Prayers for you and your husbands family.