Thursday, January 27, 2011

SALE Cotton Fabrics!

Homespun plaids, prints, solids, and tickings: ALL our quilt-shop-quality 100% cotton fabrics have been marked down to only $2.99 per half yard! I'm looking to close out much of these mostly discontinued fabrics to make room for NEW fabrics coming soon, so stock up and save big! The best part is, our every-day discounts still apply: So the more you buy, the higher percentage you can save... if you order over $75 worth, our shopping cart will automatically reduce your purchase by 20%; so you could pay only $2.40 per half yard for these fabrics: That's only $4.80 a yard!!!

I really want to close out as much of these fabrics as I can, so take advantage THROUGH THIS WEEKEND ONLY on this incredible sale and stock up. We both benefit: I make room for the new fabrics we have coming in, and you can stock your stash and save big-time! :-)

This Way to the Big Cotton-Fabric Sale!

Have fun shopping! :-)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Still Tweaking the Blog

Okay, now it's become a mission. Yep, in addition to all the incredibly generous help you folks gave me, I also did some snooping on source pages and discovered just where you have been getting all those great templates for your blogs. You see, HTML I know; but CSS leaves me scratching my head.

At any rate, once I found the source information for your templates, I first tried the "Cumulus" template (3 column) and really liked it, but there were a few features that didn't transfer, and I am evidently completely incapable of figuring out how to add them back in. So now I'm trying this new one called "Minibox." And so far, I really like it! Features wanted are back in place.

Next step will be to work on the colors and graphics, but that part shouldn't be too difficult. I draw all my own graphics, and I do understand how to change colors. It will just be a matter of crawling through the template and finding the appropriate places to insert the changes. Yeah, I know; famous last words. "It will be a breeze!" ... Knock on wood! ;-)

Hopefully by next week, this blog will be beautiful. We'll see how it goes.

Thanks again to all of you who so generously helped me figure things out a bit!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting There...

I'm am so delighted at and grateful for -- and, I must admit, sometimes surprised by -- the degree to which so many folks will take the time and put in the effort to help others! I received emails and comments from so many of you after my last post, and while I haven't had a chance to work through all the great suggestions and information yet (I will, I promise), I thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I was able to scan through your replies and glean enough to help get me going again on my blog design. Thanks to all of you, I took another look in "Dashboard" and realized that yes, you were right: The new template I'd installed did indeed have all 3 columns in place; I just needed to move a few things from the third to the first in order to get them all to show. Thanks so, so much!

I still need to work on new graphics, but that part won't be a problem. Many of you already know, I'm an old self-taught graphic artist anyway, and I still design all the graphics for my own sites. So over time, I'll get it all fixed up now. Thank you again to all of you who helped me out so much... that you were so willing to take the time to help me out is so sweet, and so appreciated!

I posted another "poll" of sorts on Facebook recently, and it looks like, per the votes we received, we'll be adding some good-quality muslin and Osnaburg to our inventory next. I'll get in touch with the wholesaler within the next few days and get them ordered. And, we should have those new patterns coming in soon from Sweet Meadows Farm, so go ahead and get your pre-orders in, and we'll send them out just as soon as they arrive here.

Back to work I go! :-) Thanks again!!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Remodeling Time!

Okay... so, as you can tell, I have no clue as to how you gals are making your blogs look so fabulous! And while I used to consider myself a self-taught whiz with good old HTML coding... well, that was then. Now, there seems to be all this "new stuff" that this old dog just hasn't learned.

Clearly, I'm in the midst of trying to fix up this poor blog. And yep, it's gonna take me some time and effort to figure it all out and get it looking the way I want it to look. For one thing, this newfangled template I've just changed it to is supposed to be a 3-column... and I'm only seeing 2 so far. Don't give up on me, though! With time, and plenty of trial and error, I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually. And, just in case anyone cares to share a site with tips, or some pointers of your own, or what-have-you, may I say in advance, it would be most humbly appreciated! Thank you!

As for our store, we're still adding new goodies here and there. I listed a few new wool felt patterns the other day, and we have some fabulous new patterns coming soon from Sweet Meadows Farm, so be on the lookout for those to be listed on our site very soon! Oh, and don't forget: If you haven't already done so, please be sure to visit our Facebook Page and click to "Like" us! :-) I recently posted a request with some options I've put up for your votes, and all the input you folks are willing to give is appreciated! We quite often ask our Facebook followers for their opinions and suggestions regarding the goodies we add to our store inventory, and we'd love and appreciate your ideas as well! :-)

Best Always,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year!

Our wool felt is in, and it is beautiful! We have so many great colors in stock! We're spending this weekend getting your pre-orders processed to ship on Monday and Tuesday, and we'll have plenty left in stock for all of your incoming orders as well. :-) There are a few colors we don't yet have in stock, but we can order them and have them here very quickly to send out to you.

We also have another batch of great patterns coming soon from Maureen of Sweet Meadows Farm (some dolls and some ornie/tuck type patterns), and a few more from Kathy of Penny Lane Primitives (wool felt candle mats), so we'll get those listed on our site soon. And, as we're able, we are going to add the option to order either just the pattern, or a "kit" option or two! This will entail being able to order a combination of the pattern and the supplies all at once. We already have some options in our cross-stitch patterns in terms of being able to order either just the pattern or the pattern plus the appropriate DMC flosses. Next, we'll probably get started on those wool felt patterns, and Kathy has graciously consented to our doing so. You'll be able to order just her patterns, or at the same time, in one easy stroke, order a "kit" containing either (1) the pattern, pieces of the appropriate wool felt colors, and the flosses... or, (2) the pattern, flosses, and the wool felt shapes already washed and cut out for you! Let us know what you think of this idea. If it's popular and well-received, we'll get it done!

With many cold winter evenings still ahead, don't forget that we have LOTS of great patterns and supplies to keep you busy! :-) You'll find most everything you need to do your primitive and colonial cross-stitch projects; primitive dolls; quilts; ornies, fillers, and tucks; those darling wool felt mats (and other wool felt items on their way soon); there's even a punch needle pattern in stock! And with your continued support, we're hoping to add more of everything, including more punch needle, and eventually a whole bunch of different rug-making patterns, instructions, and supplies.

We're hoping for a fantastic 2011; a year of adding more and more great patterns and supplies for all your old-time sewing and needlework needs, whether you're a hobbyist or a professional artisan: So don't forget to visit our site often, and to let us know along the way what else you'd like to see us carry for you at Hannah's PinKeep! :-) We want to become your supply store of choice, so please feel free to let us know what you like, what you don't like, and what you'd like to see in the future.

May 2011 be a fantastic, prosperous, loving, and joyous year for us all!

Hugs & Best,