Sunday, August 28, 2011

Clearance Sale!

Autumn is on its way, and changes are in the air. Unfortunately, Hannah's hasn't produced the kind of sales I was hoping for (and needed). We won't be closing down entirely, however; just making some changes. The first step is already underway, with nearly all our patterns, plus notions, a few colors of wool felt, etc. having been marked down to 40% off! The patterns in particular have been going fast, so I hope you'll head over and grab your favorites before they're gone!

I started Hannah's as strictly a bootstrap business out of my home a year ago. I was hoping sales would be enough to keep it funded and growing, but it hasn't been enough to achieve the growth I was hoping for. I know the economy is still very slow. Unfortunately most of us are still struggling to make ends meet.

I've finally managed to reach the stage in my medical care where they have me on one of the most potent treatments for RA in existence, and it's been helping significantly more than previous trials. While some irreversible damage has already been done, at least the pain is under much better control, and further damage has been slowed quite a bit! And in my new-found state of, finally, a bit less pain and stiffness, I'm seeing a renaissance of sorts in my interest in doing my own work again. Hannah's was to be a strictly resale operation. I'm thinking now that I'm going to sort of combine similar purposes for both my sites, using Hannah's PinKeep as more of an outlet for my own patterns, rather than reselling items purchased from others. I'll still offer fabrics and other supplies, but it will be more of a focus on offering the supplies needed to make my designs; kits, per se, to go with my patterns. That sort of thing. And, Autumn Comforts, my other, original site, will continue to be my outlet for my handcrafted finished goods.

I hope you'll take advantage of the reduced prices on my remaining stock of others' patterns and other items I'm closing out at Hannah's! There are some great deals to be had right now on designs by Penny Lane Primitives, Sweet Meadows Farm, Stacy Nash Primitives, and others. Click here to visit Hannah's PinKeep.

Hope you enjoy the transitions into September and the autumn season -- my favorite time of year! :-)