Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wool Felt Sale!!!

It's official: Our Wool Felt Pre-Order Sale is up and running... and you can get some fabulous deals if you stock up soon! We've listed all available colors and blends of wool felt from National Nonwovens in various cuts, and we've determined what our regular prices will be, then taken 10% off of those prices... AND, our every-day tiered discounts will also apply (10% off for orders totaling $25 to $49.99; 15% off for orders totaling $50 to $74.99; and 20% off all orders over $75!!)... AND, we're giving you FREE shipping on all wool-felt pre-orders within the continental U.S. (and only an $8 flat shipping fee, no matter how much you order, to Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand)!

We're making it available in the following cuts (in inches): 12x12, 12x18, 18x18, and 36x36! And, we have it on good authority that the manufacturer's prices will be going up in early January... which probably means most retailers will need to raise their prices as well. Our goal is to carry a very nice variety of wool felt, and make it available to you at very competitive prices... and right now, our pre-order sale is a fantastic opportunity for those of you who use wool felt in your projects to stock up. Hope you'll stop by and check out all the great colors we're offering... and remember to place your pre-order before December 27th, because prices will go up and regular shipping rates will go into effect on/after that date.

Wool felt shopping time! :-)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Few More New Goodies!

Now that I'm caught up on custom orders for Autumn Comforts products (and won't be taking any more, due to progression of my rheumatoid arthritis), I'm back to work on stocking Hannah's PinKeep and will continue to build our inventory as best I can! I've just listed a few new goodies that have come in recently, including some beautiful round, mother-of-pearl thread rings from Kelmscott Designs, a gorgeous new sampler cross-stitch/stitchery pattern from Plum Street Samplers called "A Handwork's Pace," and a few new wool felt patterns from Penny Lane Primitives.

It's been very colorful around here lately: I'm also working daily on getting all the DMC cotton flosses listed! We'll have the entire collection available soon! In the hopefully near future we'll get other types and brands of flosses and threads in stock as well. With your support, we're hoping to make Hannah's a huge store, chock full of all the goodies you'll ever need for making your dolls, quilts, cross-stitch/stitchery items, wool/wool felt items, punch needle goodies, rugs, and more!

My next project will be a big one: We're going to go ahead and take pre-orders for wool felt from National Nonwovens! I posted several questions over a few days' time on our Facebook page, and the folks who responded resoundingly indicated that the two things that are the most wanted for Hannah's PinKeep's next products to order are, (1) wool felt, and (2) more doll patterns. So we're working on getting those two things in stock for you. National Nonwovens requires a fairly large first wholesale order, and we're close... but the beauty of taking pre-orders for a week or two is that we'll be able to order precisely what you all want, and you'll get those products at some fantastic prices! So watch for our new section to appear soon, offering discounted rates on pre-orders of wool felt, in an extraordinary variety of colors, sizes, and wool concentrations (they offer 20% wool/80% rayon; 35% wool/65% rayon, or 100% virgin wool, with different colors available in each).

Happy weekend! :-) Jodi

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Building Inventory, Slowly but Surely!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We had a lovely time, with both our boys home for a nice visit from Wednesday evening until Sunday. It was great to see them, spend time with them, and feed them... and boy, do college-age boys LOVE to eat! ;-)

We're back to work and doing our best to get Hannah's PinKeep nicely stocked with all the things you'll love and want for your sewing and needlework projects. I've posted a note on Facebook asking which from a list of different items folks would like us to add to our store next, and I've received a dozen or so replies so far. Seems most are wanting woolfelt, with more doll patterns coming in a close second, thus far. If any of you care to chime in with your votes, we would really appreciate all the opinions and feedback we can get! Our Facebook page is here: Hannah's PinKeep Facebook Page. And, we'd love it if you would "Like" our page while you're there! :-)

It's hard to believe it's December 1st! We've gotten quite a few orders in the past couple of days, so I'd best get back to work on filling those. Don't forget, we're doing our best to continually add new goodies, so pop in and visit us soon and often. :-) Happy December, Everyone!