Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Our "big plans" for the Halloween weekend involve holing up in the house, out of the rain and cold, and enjoying our respective favorite pastimes. Selfish, yup, but hey, at our age, hubby and I deserve some downtime.

Although, I don't know if it counts as downtime when my favorite hobbies are also my business! Hmmmmm, interesting question. I suppose for those of us who are fortunate enough to make our money doing what we love, it doesn't really matter. :-)

So my weekend, my friends, is being spent working on some sewing, catching up on some candle and melt orders (which I sell through my other site, Autumn Comforts), likely some cooking of nice, hot, comfort type foods (don't you love autumn cooking?), watching T.V. (especially my favorites; creepy horror movies!), and working on another cross-stitch. Aaaaahhhh... all of that and mochas with extra whip, and I'm a happy, happy gal!

I just placed an order with a new designer, too! Well, she's not a new designer... just new to my line-up at Hannah's! Expect several new (gorgeous!) primitive cross-stitch patterns and even a couple of needlepunch patterns soon from Pineberry Lane. LOVE her stuff! :-)

Have a fab-BOO-lous Halloween weekend!! :-)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Finally, an UPDATED post! Woo!

Better late than never? :-D

Yep, I'm definitely a bad, bad blogger. And I will try to post more often (promises, promises!), as long as I can stay on top of things now that we're slowly but surely (mostly slowly, but hey...) climbing out of the recession. At least, I surely do hope we're climbing out.

I have actually accomplished something recently! Now available at Hannah's, you'll find my very first PATTERN! Woohoo! Yep, published under my Autumn Comforts name, I have a pattern available for my very own Primitive Long Prairie Bonnet design! And you will find it here, my friends:

Autumn Comforts' Long Prairie Bonnet Pattern, available at Hannah's PinKeep

And, of course, the process of putting the pattern together included making up a new batch of bonnets! I have 6 new primitive prairie bonnets available now, only $19 each, at Autumn Comforts:

Primitive Long Prairie Bonnets, available at Autumn Comforts

I hope you'll all take a peek and let me know what you think. We also have some fantastic Halloween and Autumn patterns available from some fabulous artisans like Stacy Nash, Maureen of Sweet Meadows Farm, Penny Lane Primitives, and more, so if you're clamoring for a new sewing/needlework project (and who among us isn't these days?!), I hope you'll pop in and check out all the goodies we have available!

Oh, and what blog post would be the least bit interesting without a photo?! Here ya go:

Thanks for putting up with me... now, go visit Hannah's and Autumn Comforts! :-D