Monday, January 23, 2012

Quick Update About Wool Fabrics

We're now offering our 100% woolens in various cut options, including 1/4 yard, fat 1/4, 1/2 yard, and yardage! You can visit HERE to view the nice selection we have. Enjoy! :-)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snowy Day Updates

Seems we're finally getting some winter here in central Oregon! Of course, our winters can be pretty rough, but we also seem to get a lot of waxing and waning of winter weather here every year. The little "mini springs" are always nice, but they tend to bring out the impatience in me for "real" spring (which never comes to us here until about early to mid May), and planting and tending my vegetable garden (I'm a first-class addict when it comes to growing edibles!).

At any rate, my trip out to a doctor's appointment and to run errands yesterday proved to be interesting, as I wore a fairly light sweatshirt and brought only a cardigan sweater with me... and baby, it was c-c-c-c-ooooooold outside! Today, however, I'm home, watching winter out my window and catching up on work. Somehow my morning coffee tastes even better when the snow is falling just outside my window....

I'm working now on listing all of those cotton fabrics I've had sitting around awhile (you'll be amazed at how much I have!). The reds (and purples and oranges) are all listed as far as prints go, and I'm making good progress going through the yellows (to include creams, beiges, mustards, golds, and browns). Once I finish listing all the prints for which I have yardage available, I'll get to work on the solids and the homespuns. Oh yes, Virginia, there are a LOT more than what I've had listed thus far!

Thursday is going to be fun as well! That's when my latest shipment from Moda is due to arrive, and it will be chalk-full of new quilt patterns! I picked out some really, really great ones... you'll see! Anyone who loves primitive quilts even half as much as I will be quite impressed and pleased! There are even a couple of designs in there for bags (totes, purses, that sort of bag) that I thought were really cute and that fit my favorite styles quite well.

That will wrap up today's notes, but I'll pop in and update a bit more often. So many great new things are coming to Hannah's! I'm really excited about all the neat ideas I have on my mental to-do list, and all the fun new projects I'm hoping to stock supplies for very soon.

May your day be filled with warmth ... and a good, hot cup of coffee! ;-)

Thursday, January 12, 2012


DO YOU make country, primitive, and/or colonial/old-time style sewn/stitched items and sell them online? Dolls, quilts, ornies, samplers, penny rugs, stitchery, etc? Yes? Then why haven't you applied to join Hannah's Friends yet to get your discounts?! :-)

Hannah's Friends

See you there! :-)