Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve!

I am so looking forward to a wonderful, joyous, prosperous new year, filled with love, laughter, light, and hope! :-)

We had a wonderful Christmas with our eldest son and his girlfriend visiting from Portland. They spent 4 days with us, and we went out to a nice dinner, and saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie... visited, laughed, watched T.V., ate way too much, opened gifts, and had a fantastic visit. I only wish our youngest son could have joined us as well, but he had to work the day before and the day after Christmas, so the trip to Bend would have been too far for just the day. I understand; I just miss him! But at least one of our boys, and his girlfriend (whom we absolutely adore), were here with us.

The kids headed back over the mountains on Tuesday, and I've been working hard ever since, listing a bunch of new items on Hannah's PinKeep, as well as doing some site clean-up and reorganizing. I've added optional links for viewing all the patterns grouped both by the designers and by seasons/holidays. I think this will be a well-received addition; especially with the huge number of patterns we're up to now! And, I still have several boxes stacked next to my computer, just waiting for the contents to be sorted and listed as well. Looks like I'll be adding more new goodies every day for quite awhile yet! What a great way to ring in the new year. :-)

Oh, and one more thing: In case you weren't already aware, Hannah's offers some impressive discounts on all our products to our fellow online retailers who sell their own patterns and/or handmade wares! Check out the link entitled "Discounts (D.A.D. Club)" when you next visit us. Happy, Happy New Year!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Wishing You All Blessed, Joyous Holidays

Just a quick post today to extend my warmest wishes to all for a wonderful, joyous holiday season, filled with joy and enveloped in love. May you all be blessed with days of good food, good friends, family gatherings, happy celebrations, and an abundance of joy, gratitude, and good will for all.

I'll likely take a few days "off," beginning Thursday or Friday, from listing new items and/or working on my web sites. You are, of course, still welcome to send questions, submit orders, etc., and I will gratefully respond to emails and pack and ship orders, in the order received, when I return to "work." One of our sons and his girlfriend are coming home for Christmas for a few days, and we're polishing up our plans to have a wonderful holiday visit with them. I hope for each of you the same warm, happy anticipation I'm feeling now... that knowledge that you'll be spending upcoming holidays with people you love. There is truly nothing better. :-)

Warm Wishes,

Monday, December 12, 2011

I've been such a good girl! :-)

I spent the entire weekend listing new patterns (from Penny Lane and Stacy Nash Primitives) and DMC flosses. That, and working on a big candle order I received from my other site, Autumn Comforts. And I have a bunch of boxes and packages sitting here next to me, waiting to be opened and the contents listed for sale as well; more patterns from Sweet Meadows Farm and Pineberry Lane, more cross-stitch linen from Wichelt ... AND, I just placed my first order with Moda/United Notions! My little store is filling up so nicely! Receiving all of these goodies to make available to all of you is so much fun; all these boxes and packages arrive, and it really feels just like Christmas! :-)

Here are just a couple of the adorable Christmas patterns I now have in stock (along with all the supplies to make them!):

Snow Babies Penny Rug Candle Mat & Mitten Ornies Pattern
This cutie is from Penny Lane Primitives, and it's available for only $8.50. And, I carry all the WoolFelt and flosses (along with Chenille needles and an assortment of really cute needlework scissors!) you'll need to make it.

12 Days of Christmas Sewing Roll Pattern
From Stacy Nash Primitives, this beautiful sewing roll pattern is ready to order for only $10.00, and I have all the flosses, a nice assortment of linen, and some beautiful wool fabrics and cotton homespuns available for making it as well.

I'd love for you to stop by Hannah's PinKeep soon (and often) to see all the great goodies I have in stock... and there is much more to come! :-)

Happy Holidays,

Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy December!

I'm really proud of myself lately! ;-) I've been working quite a bit on adding lots of new goodies to my inventory. Got a shipment of some beautiful Shetland wools the other day, and they're now listed and ready to order. I'm working on adding DMC flosses (not the entire palette, but a good portion of them; I'll be avoiding the overly bright colors and sticking with those that work for more primitive-style projects), and today I decided to go ahead and list patterns by other designers again after all. I know... I'd had delusions of grandeur that I was going to finish up a few new patterns of my own every week! And nope, that's just not happening (but don't give up on me completely! There will still be a new one from time to time). So since it turns out that I do NOT actually have super powers when it comes to getting my pattern designs put together and listed for sale, I've re-listed some various patterns I still had in stock, and I've ordered more from 3 different designers so far, with others to come soon.

I hope you all have wonderful plans for Christmas and will be spending it with loved ones. It seems our youngest son has to work both the day before and the day after the holiday again, so he won't be making it home for Christmas (he wasn't able to come for Thanksgiving, either; in fact, neither of our boys made it home for Thanksgiving). Our oldest son and his girlfriend are still formulating plans for their holiday travel; all I know so far is that they plan to come for a visit "some time in December" but they still need to figure out the logistics and let me know. Sure hope we get to see them sometime soon! Our last family gathering with our boys was my niece's wedding in early July, so we're due for some family time again.

Wishing you all a joyous, wonderful weekend and holiday season!