Saturday, June 16, 2012

Long Awaited Updates & Sad News

First, I apologize for the long delay in posting. Our 2012 has been an odd one, to say the least. Seems that when it rains, it pours. While I've never considered myself to be superstitious, this year has led me to wonder. We began the year with my fall down the stairs, tearing ligaments across my left foot and ankle, and breaking my left fibula. I needed not only 4 months worth of splints, casts, no weight-bearing, ad nauseam, but also 2 surgeries to repair all the damage I'd done.

While dealing with the broken leg, I developed a lovely case of shingles... on my face, of course. It took 4 full months to get completely over it. Meanwhile, because of both the leg and the shingles, I had to forgo my usual medication treatments (weekly injections and an infusion every 6 weeks) for my psoriatic arthritis (similar to rheumatoid, only also with psoriasis rashes; yes, I like to do things up right!). The meds had to be postponed so that my normally suppressed immune system could heal my leg and fight the shingles. This left me with considerable pain, as my psoriatic arthritis was not being controlled at all during that time. And even now, after being back on my meds for several weeks, it's going to take time for them to build up in my system again, enough to keep the pain and swelling under decent control.

Our sister-in-law Diane recently took terribly ill with interstitial lung disease. A couple of weeks after she was admitted to the hospital, my hubby's brother and their adult daughters had to make the decision to let Diane go. She was removed from the respirator and passed away a few hours later. Diane and I went to high school together. I had known Diane for 36 years.

And most recently, my computer died. I went completely without one for about a week before we were able to put together just enough money to pick me up a cheap laptop, which is what I'm using now; quite a bit longer (actually, we're still working on it) to get all my programs and files transferred, re-registered, etc. I have to admit, though, I think I like the laptop better anyway; at least now I don't have to climb the stairs in our house nearly as often... which is good; I don't really care to fall down them ever again, thank you.

It's actually been an odd few years, really. Like most folks, the recession has certainly taken its toll. My hubby was on reduced hours for 2 full years (just finally got back to full time about a year ago now, and we're still trying to catch up again), and my parents, both of our sons, both my brothers, and so many of our friends have been struggling to keep the bills paid and food on the table as well.

I've been trying to keep Hannah's PinKeep afloat for nearly 2 years. Unfortunately, it just hasn't provided quite enough to make it worthwhile. I wish things were different. I suppose the economy is much to blame. I know things are getting better for most; but it seems to be taking such a long time.

At any rate, sometimes, you have to reflect on how things are going and make the tough decisions. Hannah's PinKeep is in the process of closing. I will probably continue to use the name for my own patterns, but I'm currently closing out all of the patterns by other designers, plus all the fabrics and other supplies I have in stock. While some items still need to be inventoried and final quantities listed (at which time, they will be discounted in price as well), I've currently reduced all cotton fabrics, utility fabrics, patterns by other designers, cross-stitch linens, needlework tools, notions, Gentle Art flosses, and Valdani 3-ply flosses by 20% to 25% off. Everything else should be inventoried and reduced within a few more days.

All sale prices are good only on the final quantity in stock, and things are selling out really quickly (I have a very busy weekend laid out for me already!), so shop early before the items you would like are already gone. All sales will be final. Believe me, it's breaking my heart, but it's time to let it go and move on.

THANK YOU to you all for your patronage and support!