Friday, September 30, 2011

NOT going out of business, per se...

... and I should have made that fact more clear. My last post, I'm afraid, was headed with an inaccurate title: Hannah's is not going out of business; just going through changes. Changes that are on their way soon.

While the past year hasn't produced the kind of sales I'd hoped for (enough to grow the store, which began and continued with NO outside funding of any kind; strictly out of my own pocket), and honestly, I've had problems with some of my suppliers (not all, just a few. But the problems were serious enough to adversely affect my business. Seems not all suppliers are interested in providing their products within reasonable time periods, nor in being honest with their customers, unfortunately), I'm going to continue to use the Hannah's PinKeep name, and web site, for selling my own patterns and kits... and some extra supplies as well.

I'm working now on some designs to get things started. There will be, of course, my one finished pattern -- the long prairie bonnets -- plus many, many more to come. I'll be starting off with just a few, but I'll continue to add new ones as frequently as I can. And my finished goods will continue to be sold from my other site, Autumn Comforts.

Watch for my own assorted patterns, to be sold with kit options, to be made available at Hannah's PinKeep very soon! :-)

Blessings & Best,

Thursday, September 15, 2011


All remaining merchandise (patterns, notions, and fabrics) have now been marked down from 20% to 60% off to close out! Thank you all for making this past year wonderful. Unfortunately, sales just haven't been what I'd hoped for at Hannah's, and I've decided to close out the remaining merchandise. I'll continue to use the Hannah's PinKeep name for my OWN patterns and kits, however, so watch for those to come soon! :-) Meanwhile, I hope you'll stop in and take advantage of the close-out prices on our remaining stock before your favorites are gone!

Hannah's PinKeep: Clearance Sale!