Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New patterns, and our first official "Kit" option!

We got in a couple more adorable, brand-new patterns from Penny Lane Primitives the other day, and the one in particular is so darned cute, we just had to offer it in a "kit" option! Problem is, I didn't anticipate the HUGE response we got! Long story short, we're filling those orders as quickly as we can, in the order in which they were received... and, I've ordered more of the wool felt colors, so we should be able to finish sending out those ordered kits within another 1 - 2 weeks when the next wool-felt shipment arrives here. And, we ordered what should hopefully be plenty extra, to fill quite a few more orders for this adorable kit. So feel free to submit your orders, and we'll send out these kits just as soon as we are able. :-)

You tell us: How cute is this?

And you can order just the pattern, the pattern plus the DMC flosses, or our full kit, which includes the pattern, the flosses, and enough of the various colors of wool felt to make one mat (with extra wool felt to spare in most of the colors used). Here's the direct link to this, and all of Penny Lane Primitives', incredibly cute patterns:


In other news: Unfortunately, the company I had ordered muslin and Osnaburg through... well, suffice it to say, it didn't turn out well. I waited (and repeatedly tried contacting them) for almost 2 weeks before finding out that they didn't have the Osnaburg in stock and wouldn't for over an additional full month! So I'm going to be ordering the same two products from another company soon. Just waiting until we can meet their minimum for that initial wholesale purchase, and we'll get the muslins ordered. Sorry for any inconvenience! We hope to have them available well before this new month ends.

Finally, don't forget that Hannah's offers every-day tiered discounts for ALL our customers on ALL your orders! The prices listed for our products only reflect what you will pay if your order is for less than $25. Order more, though, and watch for those discounts to be automatically taken in your shopping cart! :-)

Orders for $25 to $49.99 receive 10% off; orders for $50 to $74.99 receive 15% off; and orders for $75 or more receive a full 20% off! So keep that in mind when you're doing your shopping with us; we even have products (like the new kit, for example) that are priced at over $25... and this means that you will ALWAYS pay less than the listed price just for ordering a single quantity of any of those particular products! :-) So take advantage of our every-day tiered discounts and stock up on all your favorite fabrics, patterns, and other sewing and needlework supplies.

Happy crafting! :-)



  1. Jodi, those patterns are just adorable. I hope that you'll find all the supplies you need for your kits. JB

  2. I can't wait to get this kit Jodi, it will be my first try at wool felt work so I was tickled to see the kits being offered! Hopefully my order was one of the early birds so I'll get mine soon! Glad you've had such a great response, congratulations! Deb