Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today's Updates

Happy mid-February! We've stepped out of our yearly "False-Spring #3" again and are back in winter. Monday was shirt-sleeve weather (as it had been for the previous few weeks); Tuesday, we woke up to 9" of new snow, and it continued to fall hard for several more hours (and again last night, a bit).

The latest batch of wool felt is in at Hannah's, and I'm putting the "I Love Ewe" kits together to ship now, so watch for your orders to arrive soon. I hope you'll all send me photos of your finished "I Love Ewe" candle mats; I'd love to see them and post them at Hannah's for others to enjoy! :-)

Also, I've added a rather lengthy post to my other blog for Autumn Comforts (my other online business) that I would greatly appreciate having you good folks read. It's about the Docker's contest, and what it would mean for me. It explains my situation and my goals in detail, and hopefully gives the reader a full understanding of just how important this contest could be for me, and why I would so appreciate your votes. You can read the post here:


Blessings and best to you and yours always.


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