Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Still Tweaking the Blog

Okay, now it's become a mission. Yep, in addition to all the incredibly generous help you folks gave me, I also did some snooping on source pages and discovered just where you have been getting all those great templates for your blogs. You see, HTML I know; but CSS leaves me scratching my head.

At any rate, once I found the source information for your templates, I first tried the "Cumulus" template (3 column) and really liked it, but there were a few features that didn't transfer, and I am evidently completely incapable of figuring out how to add them back in. So now I'm trying this new one called "Minibox." And so far, I really like it! Features wanted are back in place.

Next step will be to work on the colors and graphics, but that part shouldn't be too difficult. I draw all my own graphics, and I do understand how to change colors. It will just be a matter of crawling through the template and finding the appropriate places to insert the changes. Yeah, I know; famous last words. "It will be a breeze!" ... Knock on wood! ;-)

Hopefully by next week, this blog will be beautiful. We'll see how it goes.

Thanks again to all of you who so generously helped me figure things out a bit!



  1. You're well on your way Jodi. Your blog is gonna look welcoming and inviting I'm sure.

  2. Goodness, isn't it fun? I think it's a never-ending project, tweaking those blogs. I am much appreciative to those who have put together backgrounds and graphics for blogs because I would be lost!

  3. Good luck...I guess that is why I buy mine from amybugs...and she installs them. I am just sooo lost on the computer. I wish you all the best and I wish I had enough nerve to do what you are doing. (millstonemercantile)