Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting There...

I'm am so delighted at and grateful for -- and, I must admit, sometimes surprised by -- the degree to which so many folks will take the time and put in the effort to help others! I received emails and comments from so many of you after my last post, and while I haven't had a chance to work through all the great suggestions and information yet (I will, I promise), I thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I was able to scan through your replies and glean enough to help get me going again on my blog design. Thanks to all of you, I took another look in "Dashboard" and realized that yes, you were right: The new template I'd installed did indeed have all 3 columns in place; I just needed to move a few things from the third to the first in order to get them all to show. Thanks so, so much!

I still need to work on new graphics, but that part won't be a problem. Many of you already know, I'm an old self-taught graphic artist anyway, and I still design all the graphics for my own sites. So over time, I'll get it all fixed up now. Thank you again to all of you who helped me out so much... that you were so willing to take the time to help me out is so sweet, and so appreciated!

I posted another "poll" of sorts on Facebook recently, and it looks like, per the votes we received, we'll be adding some good-quality muslin and Osnaburg to our inventory next. I'll get in touch with the wholesaler within the next few days and get them ordered. And, we should have those new patterns coming in soon from Sweet Meadows Farm, so go ahead and get your pre-orders in, and we'll send them out just as soon as they arrive here.

Back to work I go! :-) Thanks again!!


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