Saturday, November 5, 2011

Silk Matka

I recently received a shipment of some pieces of silk matka I ordered for my store, and I wanted to show you what I LOVE about this fabric. This photo shows the new pieces, before washing, on the right ... and a couple of pieces I had which have been laundered, on the left. Notice how the new matka is smooth and shiny, but the laundered matka takes on that wonderful faded, nubby look of a very old fabric? It looks like a fabric that might have been widely used hundreds of years ago!

I absolutely love silk matka! It's an amazing fabric to use for accenting stitched pieces, or making ornies, dressing dolls, prairie bonnets, or whatever else you can think of in the way of primitive accents.

I have silk matka available for purchase at Hannah's, here. And, although I only have a few colors listed thus far, I do have access to many other colors that would lend themselves beautifully to primitive decor. Just let me know if you'd care to see more! :-)

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