Thursday, July 14, 2011

We're still here! :-)

Okay, yes, it's been MONTHS since I posted... bad, bad Jodi! I'll try to do better. But please know that Hannah's is still in operation and still has a nice supply of fabrics, patterns, & other sewing & stitching supplies in all your favorite country, primitive, and colonial styles. We have patterns and supplies for sewing quilts, dolls, and ornies/misc.; wool felt and penny rug patterns; a nice supply of patterns, linen, and embroidery flosses for your cross-stitch/stitchery needs and wants; and more.

Remember too that Hannah's is a "bootstrap" operation, located in Bend, Oregon, USA. For the time being, I'm re-investing ALL proceeds into getting our store well-stocked! We want to make Hannah's one of your favorite places to shop online! :-)

I'm going to try to be a better blogger, and we'll try very hard to keep adding more great products toward making Hannah's one of the BEST online craft-supply stores specifically for those of us who LOVE primitive, colonial, and country decor.

Happy Summer!

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